Dental braces

Straight and beautiful teeth can give you an advantage in both your professional and private life, by giving you extra confidence and a positive frame of mind. But it isn’t just about good looks, but important for your health as well. Modern orthodontic treatment offers a huge range of possibilities to treat misaligned teeth. At StomaCare we have a track record of successfully treating our patients, regardless of age, using the best and most modern methods and materials.

The types of braces available at StomaCare:

Metal braces

aparat nazębny metalowy

  • metal brackets (elements attached to the front of each tooth) are silver in colour with colourful or see-through ligatures (elastics)
  • option to choose from a range of coloured ligatures (elastics) during each visit
  • braces for treating even the most complex defects
  • the mot affordable price for the application of braces
  • control visits every 4-6 weeks

Clear braces

aparat nazębny estetyczny

  • sapphire (crystal), almost invisible see-through brackets, thanks to which braces are more discreet
  • highly aesthetic braces, which blend in more with the natural colour of the teeth
  • brackets don’t get discoloured during treatment
  • option to choose either see-through or coloured ligatures (elastics)
  • control visits every 4-6 weeks

Self – Ligating Braces

aparat nazębny samoligaturujący

  • an innovative technique in orthodontic treatment
  • No need to use elastic ligatures (O-rings)
    shorter treatment time – wearing these braces can take 6 months less, compared to classic braces
  • eliminates the need to remove teeth in the majority of cases
  • more comfortable and convenient
  • less discomfort and pain
  • either metal or clear versions available
  • fewer control visits – every 8 weeks
  • we use Damon System & T1® Self-Ligating System braces

Clear Aligners

przezroczysty aparat nazbęny

  • an innovative method for people who would like to have straight teeth without the need to wear traditional braces
  • see-through with an almost unnoticeable overlay
  • removable for cleaning and eating, making oral hygiene easier
  • less painful than traditional braces
  • a shorter treatment time due to the fact that the overlay covers all teeth, not like brackets which are attached to each individual tooth
  • used for minor malocclusions (misaligned teeth)
  • control visits every 3-4 weeks.

You are welcome to visit StomaCare for a consultation with one of our orthodontists, who will choose the correct type of braces and develop a treatment plan designed just for you.


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