Early diagnosis facilitates successful treatment

There is nothing more precious than the smile on your child’s face. Make sure now, that your loved one is blesed with straight teeth and a beautiful profile in the future. In the interest of proper development of teeth and jaw bones we recommend that children see our orthodontist aged 3 -7 years old.

At StomaCare we know that early diagnosis is advantageous for your child because:

  • it gives the orthodontist time to detect problems and determine the proper correction time
  • in some cases, it is advisable to initiate treatment with removable braces at the primary/milk teeth stage as preparation for future treatment
  • if detected early enough you can eliminate harmful habits such as finger or lip sucking, and disorders such as mouth breathing or habits from infancy (pushing the tongue between the teeth when swallowing)
  • early intervention enables easier and less time-consuming adjustments later on
  • the orthodontist is able to control the growth and development of the jaws and changes in facial appearance during eruption of permanent secondary teeth, and start treatment with fixed braces at the right time

We will not let you miss the most appropriate moment to start fixed braces treatment in your child:

  • appropriate treatment with fixed braces should be initiated at the appropriate time of growth, usually around age 12, when ​​90% of facial development occurs
  • treatment during the so called growth spurt (about 12 years old) yields results often unachievable at a later age, such as:
  • modifying the growth of jaws and achieving a harmonious and beautiful facial profile (preventing retracted chin or a collapsed upper lip and area under the nose) – in adults this can only be repaired by surgery
  • avoiding the need to remove teeth by restoring the missing space for erupting teeth
Why do we recommend fixed braces opposed to removable ones?
  • they are constantly in place and work without interruptions and cannot be removed by the child
  • they give faster results
  • children can choose the colors of rubber bands, which involves them in the treatment process
  • it is the most effective method for setting teeth in an equal arc
  • it shapes proper hygiene habits for life

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