At StomaCare the youngest patients are especially important.

As parents, we realise how difficult it can be to convince a child to go to the dentist. Many of us have bad associations with the dentist. At StomaCare, we break the stereotypes thanks to our experienced clinicians, caring approach and modern treatments and stress-relieving methods. We make every effort to ensure that your child remembers their visit with a smile, not tears. Such an approach will make your child keen to go to the dentist again and again. Their teeth will be healthy and parents will gain peace of mind during stress-free visits.

At StomaCare we use many unique solutions to minimise your child’s stress levels:

  • when waiting for the appointment, children can busy themselves playing with our ‘magic box’ full of books and toys
  • we use modern methods such as the air abrasion ‘airscaler’ to treat cavities without using drills or causing pain
  • during all procedures our clinicians and assistants take care of your child in a way that eliminates fear related to the visit – the child can watch their favourite cartoon or see their teeth via our intra-oral camera whilst sitting in the chair
  • at the end of the visit, the child can choose a special gift
The first visit

There’s a myth that milk teeth don’t have to be cared for. Nothing could be further from the truth. We recommend that an appointment is scheduled when the first teeth appear and no later than when the child turns two.
Such action will bring many advantages to you and your child:

  • your child will become familiar with the new place and equipment and can touch certain things and see the whole clinic
  • it will create a friendly, fear-free relationship with the dentist and get your child used to treating teeth as something normal and natural
  • parents will find out how to take care of their child’s gums and cutting teeth
  • parents can watch a tooth-brushing demonstration
  • the clinician can answer all your questions

Prevention is better than cure. That’s our rule, when taking care of your children’s teeth.
We focus on educating parents and children about oral hygiene, diet and correct eating habits to avoid cavity formation. We know that a dear parents attitude and opinions mainly shape a child’s dental awareness for the future. As a team of specialists, we accompany you and support you with the right advice to ensure your child’s healthy smile.

Additionally, preventive treatment carried out periodically in our clinic, is the perfect supplement for everyday care. It consists of:

  • Teeth varnishing with a fluoride preparation – strengthening milk and permanent tooth enamel every 3-6 months.
  • Sealing – covering hard-to-reach tooth surfaces with a special protection formulation against cavities; we recommend it for freshly cut, healthy teeth, in order to protect them and prevent build up of food residue.
  • Laser diagnostics of early cavities – we can apply a modern method, using Diagnodent from Kavo. It allows the detection of carious lesions, which often aren’t visible to the naked eye or on x-ray. Effectiveness of this method is 90%. Early detection of such cavities make it possible to use minimally invasive treatment and save as much of the tooth’s original tissue as possible.
Treatment without drilling

Sand and ultrasounds instead of drills.
If treatment is inevitable, you can be sure that your child will be taken care of by our team without feeling any fear or pain. To achieve this, we have introduced innovative methods of dental cavity treatment:

  • Rondoflexplus is a modern air abrasion system, which enables painless treatment of dental cavities. Cavity removal is done using special sand, without noise or drilling, saving as much of the tooth’s tissue as possible. Such treatment is pleasant for patients, especially sensitive patients like children.
  • Airscaler Sonicflex is certainly the most versatile instrument in all of dentistry. By using ultrasounds, cavity treatment can be performed in a painless and minimally invasive way without the use of a drill.
A rainbow of colours

Children are able to choose the colour of the filling themselves, which can distract the child from the procedure and minimise stress levels. Fillings used by our doctors are completely safe and modern. In addition they are an additional form of prevention, as they release fluorine and zinc ions, which have an anti-cavity effect.
Coloured fillings chosen by your child are unique and exceptional, which make it something to be proud of and encourages the child to brush their teeth daily.

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