Senior woman with apple Periodontitis or periodontal disease is a modern day disease, which is affecting more and more younger people and is unfortunately often underestimated. If diagnosed too late and not treated swiftly then it can lead to bone loss, loosening of teeth and tooth loss.
The cause of most cases of periodontitis is tartar bacteria, which causes inflammation. A patient’s immune sysem, genetic predispositions and cigarette smoking play a very important role in the development of this disease.

If you experience:

  • uncovering of the neck of a tooth
  • sore gums
  • bleeding gums

do not ignore these symptoms and make a dental appointment.

Patients suffering with periodontitis are offered a novel method of electrostimulation created by Dr. Zenni. We are an authorized dental centre and our team has undergone certified training which has been overseen by Dr. Żenni, in order to perform this treatment.
The essence of this revolutionary therapy is the use of so-called Bernard diadynamic currents combined with a galvanic current to stimulate diseased and weakened tissue and organs.
Currents emitted by the patented device act on a cellular level, by strengthening the electrical potential of cells and activation of ion flow. It works as an analgesic, dilates the blood vessels and stops any inflammatory processes in the periodontium. In addition, the currents stimulate the immune system, accelerating the fight against inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth.
Electrostimulation treatment is completely safe and completely painless. A series of a minimum of 5 treatments is required to achieve a therapeutic effect.
We invite you to benefit from it’s effectiveness.


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