Platin veneers


A stoma care hit: platin veneers – a simple way for the perfect smile

Platin veneers – are the best way to make your smile more beautiful, by giving you a more natural look. They are very delicate and almost see-through. No preparation (grinding of teeth) is needed before application.
This technique is well suited for the reconstruction process. It is also an alternative for orthodontic treatment.

    Advantages of PLATIN veneers:

  • high resistance to abrasion
  • long lasting colour
  • spectacular and permanent teeth whitening
  • painless in use
  • resistant to decay
  • ultra-thin – the thickness of the veneer is only 0.1 mm
  • in contrast to conventional veneers they do not make an artificial effect of thick teeth
  • do not require reduction of the teeth
  • perfectly fitted to teeth
  • damaged veneer can always be replaced
    By using Platin veneers we can:

  • straighten crooked teeth
  • whiten teeth
  • cover up the damaged enamel
  • reconstruct a broken front tooth
  • reconstruct lower incisors
  • rebuild the extensive cavities at the neck of the tooth
  • close the gap between the upper incisors
  • remove the strong discoloration of teeth, which can’t be removed by bleaching or micro- abrasion.


Take advantage of the opportunities offered by PLATIN veneers and dazzle everyone with your new smile. Make an appointmennt with our aesthetic dentist today.


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