Avoiding dental problems

Because we are concerned with the health of our patients, we pay particular attention to preventative treatment.przegląd zębów
We focus on:

  • professional teeth cleaning
  • fluoridation
  • sealing
  • early detection of cavities
  • teaching proper dental hygiene

Destructive tartar

Few people realize how much destruction plaque and tartar can cause in the mouth.

3 reasons why you should remove dental plaque:

  • Plaque destroys teeth – bacteria present in the plaque produce acids that destroy tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.
  • Plaque destroys the gums around the tooth – the bacteria produce toxins that cause inflammation of the gums around the tooth. It manifests as swelling, redness and bleeding. Teeth become a characteristic yellow colour. The gums become sore and bad breath can appear.
  • Plaque destroys the bone – if tartar isn’t removed systematically then it can gradually overgrow the tooth, moving glacier like toward the top of the roots. It can destroy ligaments connecting the roots to the bone, creating bone inflammation. The tooth eventually begins to move and fall out.

We recommend that our patients undergo complete oral hygiene treatment every 4-6 months. This treatment consists of 4 stages, which results in a perfectly clean surface of each tooth:

  • A scaler removes dental deposits using ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Next, the entire surface of the tooth is sanded under high pressure, in which fine sand particles safely and accurately clean the dental enamel. For comfort we use a unique, neutral tasting cleaning powder that works gently, without causing irritation to the gums or leaving a salty aftertaste.
  • Professional polishing paste is then used to smooth the surface.
  • The cleaned enamel is then protected by applying a fluorine concentrated gel.

This procedure ensures meticulous oral hygiene. It is also routinely used before our teeth whitening procedure.

Hygiene advice

To maintain proper oral hygiene at home it is essential to undergo hygiene training conducted by a qualified hygienist at our clinic. Despite it looking easy, brushing teeth and the use of dental floss isn’t always that straight forward. Therefore it is extremely important to choose the correct toothbrush and floss.


This procedure involves applying a special solution to those hard to reach places in order to protect teeth against the development of dental cavities. We especially recommend it for newly erupted teeth in children so it will protect them and prevent the build up of food residue.
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Laser detection of caries

The sooner you detect a change and remove it the better. In our clinic we use ‘Diagnodent’, a laser diagnostic device which can detect the early development of carious changes. Such changes are not always visible to the naked eye or on X-ray, and the effectiveness of this method is 90%! Early detection of such changes allows the use of minimally invasive treatment in order to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible.

Do not put off visiting StomaCare. Early stage tooth decay does not usually hurt, and pain is often an indicator of an advanced state of the disease. Treatment performed early can be almost completely pain free. Problems which are left will only result in longer treatment, more expense and more discomfort.


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