Electrostimulation by Zenni

The essence of this revolutionary therapy is the use of so called Bernard currents combined with a direct galvanic current to stimulate diseased and weakened organs.
The inventor of this method, Dr. Viktor Zenni, created this technique which has long been used in physical therapy.

A unique healing method at StomaCare

The essence of this revolutionary therapy is the use of so called Bernard currents combined with a direct galvanic current to stimulate diseased and weakened organs. The inventor of this method, Dr. Viktor Zenni, created this technique which has long been used in physical therapy.

Aesthetic medicine

Your attractive, youthfulsmile can be showcased beautifully in the frameof your fulllips andsmoothskin, courtesy of the experts atStomaCare. We offer aesthetic medical treatments to accommodate all your needs.
You can be sure when choosing our anti-agingtreatmentsthatyou will be in the safe and experienced hands of our fine professionals. We work exclusivelywith the products of renowned companiessuch asBotox and Juvederm.

Surgical treatments

At StomaCare we try to reduce the stress of surgery to a minimum.

Trust us:

  • You are putting yourself into the hands of efficient and experienced surgeons.
  • All our staff will give you the best professional care.
  • Procedures take place in perfectly sterile conditions.
  • We will provide post-treatment care.
  • We will ensure an optimal healing process.

Preventative treatment

Avoiding dental problems

Because we are concerned with the health of our patients, we pay particular attention to preventative treatment.przegląd zębów
We focus on:

  • professional teeth cleaning
  • fluoridation
  • sealing
  • early detection of cavities
  • teaching proper dental hygiene


Senior woman with apple Periodontitis or periodontal disease is a modern day disease, which is affecting more and more younger people and is unfortunately often underestimated. If diagnosed too late and not treated swiftly then it can lead to bone loss, loosening of teeth and tooth loss.
The cause of most cases of periodontitis is tartar bacteria, which causes inflammation. A patient’s immune sysem, genetic predispositions and cigarette smoking play a very important role in the development of this disease.

If you experience:

  • uncovering of the neck of a tooth
  • sore gums
  • bleeding gums

do not ignore these symptoms and make a dental appointment.

Orthodontic treatment of children


Early diagnosis facilitates successful treatment

There is nothing more precious than the smile on your child’s face. Make sure now, that your loved one is blesed with straight teeth and a beautiful profile in the future. In the interest of proper development of teeth and jaw bones we recommend that children see our orthodontist aged 3 -7 years old.

At StomaCare we know that early diagnosis is advantageous for your child because:

  • it gives the orthodontist time to detect problems and determine the proper correction time
  • in some cases, it is advisable to initiate treatment with removable braces at the primary/milk teeth stage as preparation for future treatment
  • if detected early enough you can eliminate harmful habits such as finger or lip sucking, and disorders such as mouth breathing or habits from infancy (pushing the tongue between the teeth when swallowing)
  • early intervention enables easier and less time-consuming adjustments later on
  • the orthodontist is able to control the growth and development of the jaws and changes in facial appearance during eruption of permanent secondary teeth, and start treatment with fixed braces at the right time

Paediatric dentistry


At StomaCare the youngest patients are especially important.

As parents, we realise how difficult it can be to convince a child to go to the dentist. Many of us have bad associations with the dentist. At StomaCare, we break the stereotypes thanks to our experienced clinicians, caring approach and modern treatments and stress-relieving methods. We make every effort to ensure that your child remembers their visit with a smile, not tears. Such an approach will make your child keen to go to the dentist again and again. Their teeth will be healthy and parents will gain peace of mind during stress-free visits.

Dental treatment

Don’t put off your visit to the dentist

The early stages of tooth decay usually don’t hurt, and so pain often indicates an advanced state. Treatment performed early can be almost painless, but the greater degree of tooth decay, the longer the treatment and the more discomfort and expense.


uśmiechnięta para w średnim wiekuDo not wait until the gap from a missing tooth in your mouth starts to cause numerous problems:

  • The bone in the place of the missing tooth will disappear
  • Neighboring teeth will begin to move into the free space (either lean in towards the gap or gaps may appear between other teeth)
  • Your bite will become crooked and the midline of teeth will become asymmetrical
  • Teeth of the opposing arch will move up from the bone, which may lead to uncovering of roots, oversensitivity, and even tooth loss
  • Make an appointment with our implantologist to bridge the gap as soon as possible, in order to avoid problems and enjoy the comfort of a full set of teeth.

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics deal with the replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of those badly damaged.
In our clinic we offer a full range of prosthetic solutions. Because we are concerned about high quality and the aesthetics of restoration we have been working with an experienced prosthetic laboratory for a number of years.

Types of dental restorations used in StomaCare:

A prosthetic crown

korona nazębnaResembles a sort of a ‘cap’ and is applied to the tooth, this method allows even a very damaged tooth to be rebuilt. They are used when a tooth can no longer be rebuilt with a filling (tooth broken or too damaged by decay). The crown restores the tooth, makes it aesthetic and strengthens it. To make a prosthetic crown, the tooth needs to be ground and reduced in size in three dimensions – this is done under local anesthesia, which provides a painless procedure.


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