tooth whitening
Tooth brushing can remove deposits and some discoloration, but not darker staining. This can only be achieved by implementing a professional method of tooth whitening.
It’s easier than you think. Thanks to teeth whitening methods used at our surgery it is possible to make your teeth brighter,shinier and more eye-catching without much effort.

Dental braces

Straight and beautiful teeth can give you an advantage in both your professional and private life, by giving you extra confidence and a positive frame of mind. But it isn’t just about good looks, but important for your health as well. Modern orthodontic treatment offers a huge range of possibilities to treat misaligned teeth. At StomaCare we have a track record of successfully treating our patients, regardless of age, using the best and most modern methods and materials.

Platin veneers


A stoma care hit: platin veneers – a simple way for the perfect smile

Platin veneers – are the best way to make your smile more beautiful, by giving you a more natural look. They are very delicate and almost see-through. No preparation (grinding of teeth) is needed before application.
This technique is well suited for the reconstruction process. It is also an alternative for orthodontic treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry

smileA beautiful, white smile can give you self-confidence and help you be a success. Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, StomaCare experts can help you achieve your perfect smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Even if your teeth are white and straight, they can still miss that ‘certain something’ that makes them perfect. They maybe too small, abraded or crumbled, or have gaps, lots of fillings or uneven surfaces. For our specialists it’s not a problem. We have the number 1 solution – PLATIN VENEERS. Compared to traditional veneers, this innovative method doesn’t require polishing. The super thin porcelain veneers are created individually for each patient in the best prosthetics laboratory in Poland. Applying them is completely painless, giving naturally beautiful results.


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