Surgical treatments

At StomaCare we try to reduce the stress of surgery to a minimum.

Trust us:

  • You are putting yourself into the hands of efficient and experienced surgeons.
  • All our staff will give you the best professional care.
  • Procedures take place in perfectly sterile conditions.
  • We will provide post-treatment care.
  • We will ensure an optimal healing process.

We offer a full range of surgical procedures:

  • Removal of wisdom teeth (eights), even in complicated positions (often invisible in the mouth).
  • Exposing retained teeth for pulling out with dental braces.
  • Root resection.
  • Dental chiseling.
  • Implants.
  • Sinus augmentation (sinus lift).
  • Supplementing the missing bones (augmentation).
  • Removing periodontal cysts.
  • Frenulum undercut procedure.

schemat problemów z zębamiWhy badly situated wisdom teeth should be removed?

  • They cause curvature of the front teeth.
  • They cause recurrent gingival inflammation, swelling and trismus.
  • Bacteria gathering around them have a negative impact on overall health.
  • Improperly located wisdom teeth can cause irritation and biting of the cheek.
  • Through improper alignment they are difficult to clean and decay easily.
  • They may press on nerves of the bones, causing headaches and toothache.
  • They destroy adjacent teeth (sevens), compressing them and retaining food residue.


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