tooth whitening
Tooth brushing can remove deposits and some discoloration, but not darker staining. This can only be achieved by implementing a professional method of tooth whitening.
It’s easier than you think. Thanks to teeth whitening methods used at our surgery it is possible to make your teeth brighter,shinier and more eye-catching without much effort.

The methods used at StomaCare are completely safe and completely effective. More than a thousand satisfied patients have benefited from our teeth whitening treatment. Numerous studies have shown that ​​teeth whitened correctly by a qualified clinician does not damage tooth enamel.

Beyond Polus Lamp

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Overlay Method
  • During the first visitthe clinician makes an assessment and provides all the information. The correct concentration ofpreparations related to the colorandcondition of the teeth are chosen andimpressions are taken in order to to performindividually tailoredoverlays.
  • During the second visit, the clinician adjusts the overlays and gives instructions.

With this method, teeth are visibly whiter and resistant to staining, while retaining their natural splendor. Effects last for an average of approximately two years with proper diet, hygiene and regular professional oral hygenie treatments.


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